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    BuildRight launches 401(k) for all portfolio companies

    At BuildRight, we recognize the cornerstone of our success is the collective effort of our hardworking and skilled workforce. In an effort to build a future where our employees feel valued, secure, and motivated, we've taken an important step toward enhancing the benefits and security we offer them. Therefore, we're thrilled to introduce our new 401(k) plan, designed to provide a firm financial foundation for all team members across our portfolio of companies.

    In our journey to build this financial safety net, we have teamed with Decision Point Financial, a firm known for honest financial planning and advice. This partnership ensures that our employees aren't just offered a plan but are also empowered with comprehensive financial planning and assistance, free of charge.

    Financial literacy and planning are important in navigating the path to a secure future. Our collaboration with Decision Point Financial is designed to facilitate our team members in making informed, strategic decisions about their finances and retirement planning.

    Supplementing Your Career Journey

    Our commitment to continual improvement extends from our projects to our people with the goal to provide more than just secure employment. We want to assist our team members in developing career paths. The introduction of the company match 401(k) plan underscores our commitment to ensuring that each day working with BuildRight contributes towards a stable and prosperous future. With an overwhelming 84% of our employees already participating in the new plan, it is evident that our team recognizes and appreciates the value of this substantial financial tool. This percentage is a testament to the trust and collective spirit that defines BuildRight.

    Together, let's build a future where we all continue to grow, prosper, and achieve new heights.

    Here's to building right and building for the future.

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